Trebujena council has announced that another mass grave containing six bodies has been found during the exhumation works that are being carried out in the cemetery. The announcement was made by the Historical Memory councillor, Ana Luisa Robredo, to coincide with the visit by the provincial government’s head of Historical Memory, Lucía Trujillo. Her department has contributed 10,000 euros towards the cost of the exhumation works and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) contributed an initial 18,000 euros and then a further 40,000 a few months ago so the exhumations could be completed.
Ana Luisa Robredo explained that the exhumations were about to come to an end when this mass grave was discovered a little further away from the others. In total, 76 bodies have been discovered in 14 mass graves. Trebujena council will be financing the remaining part of the works.

Visita a fosa común en el cementerio municipal de Trebujena.
In total, 76 bodies have been discovered in 14 mass graves in Trebujena.