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La Voz de la Memoria is managed by journalist, Debbie Eade; the content editor is historian Fernando Sígler and our chief technical engineer is Juan Carrasco. Everyone who is a member of The Casa de la Memoria Association is very welcome to participate and collaborate with us in this exciting radio project.

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News and information:

English Review
English Review
News and Information: 16-02-2022
  • News and Information: 16-02-2022

    News and Information: 16-02-2022

    Feb 16, 2022 • 5 m.

    In today’s edition we have news of a route to commemorate victims of Franco in Espera, another mass grave being found in Trebujena, the PSOE accuses right-wing and far right parties of attacking historical memory and there’s a brand new book in English which will delight those with an interestSeguir…

  • News and Information: 15-09-2021

    News and Information: 15-09-2021

    Sep 15, 2021 • 4 m.

    The second phase of exhumations in Jimena de la Frontera has now finished. The Cádiz provincial government has published a book by the late Carlos Perales Pizarro. The Casa de la Memoria Association has signed a cooperation agreement with Los Barrios council. Guadalajara is holding a series of cultural eventsSeguir…

  • News and Information: 28-07-2021

    News and Information: 28-07-2021

    Jul 28, 2021 • 4m. 25s.

    Spain’s new Democratic Memory bill, more victims of Franco found in Jimena, fascinating talks on the Civil War via La Voz de la Memoria and commemorations to mark 85 years since the Civil War began. CompárteloSeguir leyendo...

  • News and Information: 30-06-2021

    News and Information: 30-06-2021

    Jun 30, 2021 • 4m. 27s.

    On Sunday 20 June a book called Testimonios was presented in Jimena. Cádiz city hall has removed a plaque from a building in which the poet José María Pemán was born. In Valencia, two people have been fined 4,000 euros each for carrying Francoist flags. In Murcia, the regional governmentSeguir…

  • News and Information: 01-06-2021

    News and Information: 01-06-2021

    Jun 1, 2021 • 5 m.

    In the news this episode: Josep Almudéver, the last surviving member of the International Brigades. The Francisco Franco Foundation has lost its bid to stop street names being changed in Madrid. A new book tells the stories of 1,000 Argentinians who fought fascism in Spain. A ‘cultural’ mass grave inSeguir…

Books in English:

Books in English: Love And Revolutionary Greetings
  • Books in English: Love And Revolutionary Greetings

    Books in English: Love And Revolutionary Greetings

    Mar 23, 2021 • 4m. 29s.

    When Laurie Levinger opened a box of old papers given to her by her father years earlier, she discovered letters and poems written by her uncle while he was fighting with the International Brigades. She has written a book about him, called Love and Revolutionary Greetings; An Ohio Boy inSeguir…

  • Red Ship and Red Tape: a Republican destroyer on the Rock

    Red Ship and Red Tape: a Republican destroyer on the Rock

    Nov 3, 2021 • 9 m.

    The Forum for Historical Memory of the Campo de Gibraltar, in collaboration with the Government of Gibraltar, is publishing a book about the José Luis Díez, the republican ship which was disguised as a British destroyer to try to pass through the blockaded Straits of Gibraltar during the Spanish CivilSeguir…

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