The cycle of conferences called ‘Golpe, guerra y represión’ which has been organised by the Casa de la Memoria association began on Friday 16 July with an interview with renowned British hispanist and historian Paul Preston. Questions were put to him by the president of the Association, Malgara García Díaz, and Antonio Morales Benítez, of the association’s scientific committee. Paul Preston is a prolific writer and has kindly donated a copy of all his books in Spanish to the Casa de la Memoria library. The fascinating interview was broadcast on La Voz de la Memoria, the association’s online radio station, and is available on the website as a podcast. The cycle of conferences is continuing until 26 July and all the content can be heard as podcasts after being broadcast.

Ciclo de conferencias "Golpe, guerra y represión".
The cycle of conferences, until 26 July.