The Casa de la Memoria Association recently elected a new management board, something which takes place every two years in accordance with its statutes.  At the AGM on 7 October, which was held at the Casa de la Memoria La Sauceda in Jimena de la Frontera, the following were appointed as posts to the new board:

  • President: Nieves García Benito
  • Vice-President: Concepción Vázquez Sáenz de Urraca
  • Secretary: Alfonso Pecino
  • Treasurer: Juan Manuel Pizarro Sánchez
  • Other members: Debbie Eade, Andrés Rebolledo Barreno, Francisco J. Hidalgo Carmona and José García Cea.

It has yet to be decided who will represent the Forum for the Memory of the Campo de Gibraltar on the board of the Casa de la Memoria Association.


Asamblea de socias/os celebrada el 7 de octubre de 2023.
AGM on 7 October.


Nieves García Benito, nueva presidenta, y Margarita García Díaz, presidenta saliente.
Nieves García Benito, new president, and Margarita García Díaz, old president.