The Casa de la Memoria Association and the Forum for the Memory of the Campo de Gibraltar will be screening the acclaimed documentary Pico Reja: lo que la verdad esconde on Friday 26 January at the Millán Picazo Auditorium in Algeciras, at 7pm. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.
Pico Reja is the name of a mass grave in the San Fernando cemetery in Seville, one of the biggest mass graves in western Europe – second only to that of Srebrenica – and the largest in Spain, from where the remains of 1,786 victims of Francoist repression and the dictatorship have now been exhumed in a project which has taken several years and was completed in 2023.
The documentary, which is in Spanish with English subtitles, has won several ASECAN awards and has also been nominated for the Goyas. It was made by Juan Miguel Baquero, a journalist specialising in historical memory, who will be present at the event together with relatives of some of the victims, who also feature in the film.

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