The deputy vice-president of the Cádiz provincial authority (Diputación de Cádiz), Javier Vidal, visited the Casa de la Memoria La Sauceda on Monday 20 November, and was welcomed by members of the board of the Casa de la Memoria Association and the Forum for the Memory of the Campo de Gibraltar. Sr Vidal is also the head of the Historical and Democratic Memory section at the Diputación.
After seeing the exhibitions, the library and the archive Sr Vidal, who was accompanied by María Teresa Fernández of the Diputación’s Historical Memory department, had some good news: the annual agreement by which the provincial authority sponsors some activities, events, conferences and publications at the Casa de la Memoria is to be continued in 2024. A similar agreement with the Forum will also be renewed.
Javier Vidal also explained that the relationship between the Diputación and the Casa de la Memoria could be strengthened even further, thanks to a new idea: to set up a ‘democratic memory programme’ which could include visits to the Casa and raise awareness of its exhibitions and activities.
He referred to the provincial authority’s existing environmental education programmes, which have been so successful, and said the idea is to use the same process in the context of democratic memory.

El vicepresidente segundo de la Diputación de Cádiz, Javier Vidal, atiende la explicación del presidente del Foro, Fran Hidalgo, sobre el contenido de la Casa de la Memoria.
Fran Hidalgo, president of the Forum, with Javier Vidal and María Teresa Fernández in the permanent exhibition at the Casa Memoria.


Javier Vidal, vicepresidente segundo de la Diputación, atiende las explicaciones del directivo Andrés Rebolledo en la sala de exposición permanente de la Casa de la Memoria.