Juana Barreno Ruiz is the daughter of Andrés and Eleuteria. She was born in Las Granadillas, a country area outside Jimena, close to La Sauceda. She was one and a half when the civil war began. Her father suffered an injury to one arm when Franco’s troops entered Jimena; later he was arrested, put onto a lorry and nothing more was ever known of him. He worked in the countryside, making charcoal, and selling milk from his goats. Those were his crimes. His wife, with four small children, had to manage on her own. She moved to the castle in Castellar and brought up Juana and her siblings there. Juana never knew her father. Of her mother, she has only good memories. Of her generosity, her courage and the bravery she showed when she refused to sign the paper that was put in front of her which said that Andrés Barreno had died a natural death, so she could receive a widow’s pension. She refused to betray the memory of her husband, or to give in to the pain. She kept her family going, and her children and grandchildren are very proud of her.