Inés, Josefa and Domingo Pérez Rodríguez were young children when the planes bombarded La Sauceda, but they still remember the sound of buzzing in the air, the bombs and the shooting. They also remember their father hiding them in a cave, to save them. They spent several days there, frightened and on tenterhooks. Their father came and went through a hole in the roof, in search of food. Until one day Francisco Pérez Fernández, aged 44, who collected cork, sold charcoal or contraband goods from Gibraltar, went off to look for food for his children and never came back. Their mother was left alone with five small children to feed and educate. The post-war period was very hard for them, but especially so for her; however, she refused to go into mourning because she always maintained hope that one day her husband would return, like some relatives who in the 1940s returned to Algeciras from France when everyone had given them up for dead. Inés, Josefa and Domingo, and two other siblings who have now died, lived with their mother in Los Barrios, and then in Algeciras.