Francisca Rodríguez Gutiérrez was three years old when the war began in which her grandfather, Juan Rodríguez Reviriego, was shot for going to retrieve his goats which had escaped and gone onto an estate controlled by the falangists. Her father, Manuel Rodríguez Herrera, fled into the mountains because he feared the same fate. The hut in which he lived with his wife and two daughters, in the countryside between Jimena and La Sauceda, was set on fire by the falangist troops. He spent three years hiding in a cave and when he dared to return with his family, he was sentenced to jail. He spent six months in prison. His daughter remembers perfectly the day when she saw her father again. She also remembers the punishments they received after the war, and the years of silence and fear which came afterwards. Now Francisca and her brother Juan Manuel are searching for their grandfather’s remains. They think he could be in the communal graves at El Marrufo or somewhere in the valley of La Sauceda. Being able to give him a dignified burial is their greatest wish.