Sebastián Pino Panal was born in Ubrique in 1911. He worked cutting cork in Castellar and then in Algeciras. He had been a member of the CNT since he was young, and that resulted in him spending time in jail even before the war. When the troops which were traitorous to the Republic rose in revolt, Algeciras quickly came under their control. Sebastián hid and managed to get to Málaga, where he joined the anarchist militia. He was chosen to command the Fermín Salvochea battalion, with which he became incorporated into the Republic’s regular army. He experienced the retreat to Almería, when Francoist ships bombarded the civil population of Málaga who were fleeing along the coast road. He fought with the battalion until he was taken prisoner. He was sentenced to death, but that was then reduced to 30 years in jail. He never abandoned his militancy with the CNT and in 1945, when he was in prison in El Puerto de Santa María, he was elected regional secretary for the Campo de Gibraltar. He spent 21 years in jail, but that didn’t crush him. He maintained his ideals until the end of his days. Sebastián died in 2003, in Algeciras.