Manuel Márquez Rodríguez, who was born in La Línea in 1915, fought in defence of the Republic and suffered imprisonment and exile. He had to flee from La Línea in 1936, after being threatened by a head of the Falange. He went to Gibraltar and from there to Tangiers, where he spent two years. In 1938 he took a ship to Marseilles and from there he went to Catalonia. In Valencia he enrolled in the Republican Army, where he taught soldiers to read and write and basic knowledge in fundamental subjects. He was injured in the war and when it ended he was in Madrid. Upon returning to La Línea he was arrested and sent to a concentration camp in Málaga. He was given a provisional release, but in 1940 was imprisoned again and assigned to a battalion of workers in the Botafuegos concentration camp in Algeciras.  After serving his sentence he went to Tangiers, where he spent much of the rest of his life. He never lost contact with La Línea, or with La Balona, the football club, because he was one of its most loyal fans.