Francisco López Herrera, known as Currito, was born in Jimena in 1922 but he grew up in Estación de San Roque, where he spent his childhood and teenage years. After the war he had to flee to the mountains to avoid the same fate as his father, who was shot for defending the Republic. He had connections with the Communist Party of Spain, and he joined the guerrilla movement near Ronda and worked by providing supplies and as a link with the Fermín Galán Guerrilla Group.  He was injured by the Guardia Civil shortly after joining the guerrilla movement and nearly died, but he did recover and rejoined the fight. He was arrested on 18th July 1949 and tried in Seville with ten others. Of those 11, seven were shot but four, including Francisco, had their sentences reduced to life imprisonment. He was sent to jail in Burgos, where he spent the first year in isolation. He was released in 1966. He returned to San Roque, where his girlfriend Ana was waiting for him, and he lived with her until his death in 2009. A lifelong communist, he used to say that if necessary he was prepared to take to the mountains again.